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30 Nov, 2023

Driving Excellence: The Role of Colourhouse Masterbatch and Suppliers in the Thriving UK Automotive Industry

Automotive Colour Match


In the wake of exciting news about the resurgent UK automotive industry, which has attracted an astounding £20 billion in private investment in 2023, it's vital for manufacturers and their suppliers to explore cutting-edge solutions that align with this growth. One such pivotal solution is the integration of Colourhouse Masterbatch, a leading provider of high-quality colour and additive masterbatches, in collaboration with suppliers, contributing to the production of automotive products. As the number of cars built in the UK soars, this blog delves into the unrivalled benefits that Colourhouse Masterbatch, along with strategic suppliers, brings to the automotive sector, including prominent manufacturers like JLR, Bentley, Nissan, Aston Martin, and Toyota to name a few.

Colour Match

The Challenge of Consistency Across various Polymers:

Diverse polymers, each laden with its distinctive characteristics and opacity, contribute to the complexity of maintaining consistent colour. From ABS and TPE to PP, these materials play crucial roles in shaping the form and function of automotive components.

Colourhouse Masterbatch crafts tailored formulations ensuring optimal colour dispersion and vibrancy. This bespoke approach empowers manufacturers to infuse consistent brilliance across a spectrum of materials, showcasing the adaptability needed to meet the exacting standards set by industry leaders. The inherent nature of each polymer presents a hurdle in the pursuit of uniformity. ABS may exhibit different behaviours than TPE, and PP may respond uniquely compared to its counterparts. Navigating this intricate range of materials becomes a challenge when the goal is to ensure that every component achieves the desired functional properties while maintaining the same harmonious hue.

Tailored Formulations for Diverse Polymers:

Understanding the nuanced requirements of different polymers, Colourhouse Masterbatch has tailored formulations that provide optimal colour dispersion and vibrancy. This bespoke approach allows manufacturers to infuse consistent brilliance across a spectrum of materials, meeting the exacting standards set by leaders in the automotive industry.

Precision Colour Matching and Supply Chain Integration:

With the automotive industry's emphasis on aesthetics and branding, achieving precise colour matching is imperative. Colourhouse Masterbatch, in collaboration with strategic suppliers, offers an extensive spectrum of colour options. This ensures that manufacturers can meticulously match the desired colour for various automotive components. This collaborative approach enhances the visual appeal of vehicles, reinforcing brand identity and streamlining the supply chain.

Case Study - Colourhouse Supplying JLR's Shadow PWJ in Multiple Polymers:

Colourhouse faced the challenge of supplying the new colour for JLR, Shadow PWJ, not in one polymer but in five separate polymers. Let's briefly compare formulations for three different products formulated for use with the requested polymers.

Shadow PWJ - Precision in Performance

CH800234SN: Shadow PWJ

Formulated for MAGNUM™ 3325MT, a medium heat ABS, CH800234SN emerges as a beacon of precision. With a recommended 3% addition rate, this masterbatch delivers unmatched colour consistency, meeting the industry's emphasis on visual aesthetics for unpainted interior automotive applications.

Initial Approval Pre AAR

CH900674PP: Shadow PWJ

Formulated for SABIC PP 9110 (Natural), a talc-filled impact-modified PP, CH900674PP ensures impeccable colour consistency. With a recommended 4% addition rate, this masterbatch addresses the industry's emphasis on visual aesthetics, particularly for components demanding high scratch resistance, no stickiness, and low density.

Initial Approval Pre AAR

CH900658SN : Shadow PWJ

Formulated for Terblend NM-31, providing excellent mechanical properties, high melt flow, and excellent chemical resistance. CH900658SN, with a recommended 4% addition rate, delivers unmatched colour consistency, meeting the industry's emphasis on visual aesthetics

Initial Approval Pre AAR

Tailored Solutions for Iconic Brands:

In the realm of iconic automotive brands, customisable functional additives become crucial. Colourhouse Masterbatch and its network of suppliers offer tailored solutions, including flame retardants, anti-static properties, anti-scratch formulations, and more. This collaborative effort allows manufacturers to meet the stringent industry standards while enhancing the overall functionality of their components.

Sustainable Practices for Industry Leaders:

Collaborating with suppliers, Colourhouse Masterbatch is committed to providing eco-friendly solutions. The masterbatches, formulated with consideration for recyclability and reduced environmental impact, align with the automotive industry's growing focus on sustainability. This collaborative commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing processes is particularly significant for renowned manufacturers, ensuring that their production processes are both efficient and environmentally responsible.

Supply Chain Efficiency and Cost-Efficient Production:

The automotive industry, like the Aerospace industries thrive on supply chain efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Colourhouse Masterbatch, in tandem with its network of suppliers, contributes to streamlined production processes. By ensuring uniform colour dispersion and minimising material wastage, this collaborative effort translates to cost savings for manufacturers. This approach enhances efficiency without compromising on the quality and visual appeal of the final products from these esteemed brands.


As the UK's automotive industry experiences unprecedented growth and private investment, the collaborative efforts of suppliers and advanced solutions like Colourhouse Masterbatch become paramount for manufacturers seeking a competitive edge. The precision colour matching, enhanced UV stability, tailored solutions, sustainable practices, and supply chain efficiency achieved through this collaboration make Colourhouse Masterbatch and its network of suppliers indispensable partners in the dynamic landscape of automotive manufacturing. The adaptability of formulations, exemplified by products like CH800234SN, CH900674PP, and CH900658SN, underscores the commitment to meeting the unique demands of various materials. This multifaceted approach not only sets a new standard in colour harmonisation but also positions Colourhouse Masterbatch as a key player in driving manufacturing excellence across the diverse landscape of the UK automotive industry. The integration of high-quality masterbatches and strategic supplier relationships becomes not just a choice but a strategic imperative for sustainable success in this thriving industry.

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