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We are Colourhouse Masterbatch

Environmental Care

Consumers are more aware of environmental issues, here at Colourhouse Masterbatch Ltd we are helping to promote a more sustainable industry with the introduction of Masterbatch to compliment more plant based polymers such as PLA ( Polylactic Acid).

Quality and Safety

Colourhouse products and services are designed to completely fulfil all our customer expectations and customer-specific requirements. This focus has helped to create a culture within Colourhouse where Quality and Safety are at the forefront of everything we do.

Authenticity and Integrity

Colourhouse Masterbatch Ltd is proud of our Employees and community, our company Values include.. • Quality & Safety • Authenticity & Integrity • Bias to Action • Diversity • Environmental Care • Knowledge Sharing & Teamwork • Creativity & Engagement • Respect

Value above all else

Colourhouse Masterbatch Ltd ensure that all products are designed to add value and enhance a product, All our products are manufactured within a certified ISO 9001-2015 process.

We supply a universal stock range suitable for various polymers, these are available for next day delivery and are based on the industry standard colours.

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Established in 2010

Colourhouse Masterbatch Ltd. was established in Wigan in 2010, following the closure of a major masterbatch manufacturer. A number of ex-employees decided to empower the knowledge and experience of several key personnel that had helped to make the previous employer such a Global Company.

150 years experience

With a running total of over 150 years experience within the masterbatch industry, Colourhouse Masterbatch aims to build on this and be recognised as an innovative company. Based within a manufacturing unit in Wigan we focus on supplying a responsive, flexible and high quality service for bespoke custom colours, in universal, commodity and engineering polymers.

Aim to supply

We aim to supply customer specific colours to an exact match in a similar time it takes to source stock universal products. Our structure, dedication and flexibility enable us to move quickly as demands change.Our masterbatch products are suitable for use in most plastics processes including injection and blow moulding, profile, sheet and film extrusion.

High quality, flexible service.

Why we are one of the leading british masterbatch manufactures?

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