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15 Jul, 2021

Universal Masterbatches

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Multipurpose Masterbatches

Compatible & Reliable

Colourhouse Universal Stock (CUS) are a range of Multipurpose Colour Concentrates which offer excellent colour performance across a wide range of over 25 different polymers. Based on a unique multipurpose compatible carrier system and formulated with high quality, heavy metal-free pigments,

Compatible with most common additives, including UV stabilizers, antistats, slip agents, and more. The CUS range offer a cost-effective choice by reducing net working capital while cutting inventory costs. Lower let down ratios (LDRs) also help optimize cash flow and material use.

Brilliant batch-to-batch colour consistency with exceptional reliability and quality, with low usage rate, low minimum order quantities, and presented in a pelletized form for easy handling and storage, Make Colourhouse Masterbatch CUS Range of colours the obvious choice.

  • Convenient minimum order
  • Available in a wide range of stock and standard colours
  • Suitable for use with over 25 different polymers
  • Compatible with most common additives, including UV stabilizers, antistats and slip agents
  • Heavy-metal- and cadmium-free
  • Low usage ratio

Suitable for injection moulding, blow moulding, or profile and sheet extrusion processes.

They are suitable for a wide variety of markets and applications, including Lawn and garden equipment, Tools and hardware, Consumer disposables and Sports equipment to name a few.

Recommended Addition Rates

Polyethylene 1%, Polypropylene 1% GP Polystyrene 1% HI Polystyrene 1-2%

Acrylics (Opaque) 1% PBT Polyester 1% PET Polyester 1% Polyurethane 1-2%

Polyamide (Nylon) 1% Acetal 1% SAN 1% ABS 1-3%

PVC 1-3% Polycarbonate 1% Thermoplastic Rubber 1-3% Alloys & Blends 1-3%

EVA 1% Filled Polymers 1-3%

These products are not suitable for FDA primary pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetic or medical applications, and may have limited food contact compliance. Check with Colourhouse Masterbatch before using in any food contact applications or other regulated applications.

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