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02 Aug, 2021

True Colours: Everything you need to know about the colour in your Vinyl.

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A quick search on the internet and you can find numerous links to videos showing how Vinyl Records are manufactured, but, do you know how the Colour is produced that is used to brighten up your record collection?

Here at Colourhouse Masterbatch we would like to briefly explain the process behind our industry, the legislation, development and manufacturing process that takes place behind the scenes.

Naturally PVC is colourless Our Inhouse Laboratory select from a wide range of pigments and formulate a recipe that will achieve the required final colour of choice, Our industry has come a long way from the times when coloured records were seen as having inferior quality.

Various Vinyl


The plastic Industry is one of the most legislated industries around, if we are producing Colour for the Automotive industry, Toy industry or the Record industry, the same strict standards apply.

Where applicable, Our products have to be supplied to the market in compliance with all the necessary laws and regulations such as EU Reach, EN71 Toy, and UK Reach to name but a few.

Before our in-house laboratory begin to create a product formulation, we need to know the colour the customer is looking for, this can either be a Pantone or Ral reference or a physical example, We can then start to look at suitable pigments available that will allow us to achieve the required colour.

Pantone / Ral Colour Chart
Pantone / Ral Colour Chart

pigments are selected depending on polymer suitability, melt point and applicable legislation, these are then mixed with a polymer carrier, which, when extruded produce a Masterbatch.

A concentrated mixture obtained by the distribution of colours and additives into a polymer carrier by heat treatment and in-particularly a high shear mixing extruder.

Production Process
Production Process

The mixture is then extruded by Jason or one of our dedicated production team, the material is then cooled in the water bath, cut into granules and sieved to remove any dust or misshaped pellets.

Extruded Cooled Cut and Sieved
Jason and Brian

Masterbatches are highly concentrated and may be used at different addition rates generally specified by Colourhouse Masterbatch, Generally speaking for Vinyl Records 1 Kg of Masterbatch can be used to Colour 100Kg of polymer with consistent batch to batch colour.

Vinyl Record

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