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    Choosing the right colour can make the difference between your product's success and failure. With something so important, it's wise to rely on the expert in colour technology.

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    All masterbatches are produced with a carrier material, usually a blend of two or more resins. There are two possibilities for the masterbatch carrier system, Polymer specific or Universal.

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    Our customer specific masterbatches are made to your unique requirements and to ensure the end product meets your specification we will agree a technical specification with you.

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    Market Sectors

    Our market sectors include:

    • Automotive
    • Personal Care
    • Food Packaging
    • Medical
    • Fibre

Colourhouse Masterbatch


Colourhouse's expertise and manufacturing experience totals nearly 150 years. Our unique resin colouring knowledge comes from working with every polymer type from polyolefins to engineering in a wide variety of applications.

This history and experience allows us to formulate and produce masterbatches using methods, pigments, carriers, and processing technologies.

About Us

Masterbatch Products

Colour Masterbatch

If you need a unique colour for a consumer product, basic colour coding for an industrial device, or a performance enhancing additive - Colourhouse Masterbatch Ltd. is your best choice for all your quality masterbatch products.

Our masterbatch products are suitable for use in most plastics processes including injection and blow moulding, profile, sheet and film extrusion.

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