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25 Feb, 2022

Russia and Ukraine Conflict.

Ukraine russia border

First and foremost, Colourhouse Masterbatch Limited would like to say that all of our thoughts, prayers and deepest sympathies are with those directly impacted by the war in Ukraine, as well as those with family and close ties to the region.

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine is exacerbating existing global supply chain challenges around the world, and as one the UK’s leading Masterbatch suppliers, we are continually assessing the impact on our customers and our supply chain.

We want to assure all concerned that we are working closely with suppliers to continually review our products and services, ensuring that we support our customers robustly as the UK and EU respond to the war in Ukraine.

As part of this process, we are working on solutions that mitigate risk where possible, as well as providing ongoing procurement advice, We understand that some customers are seeking further guidance regarding any impact on their supply chain,

We can advise that we have contacted all of our supply chain to ensure that they have reviewed their own supply chains and as of today 11/03/2022 we have not received any indication of any potential problems with supply.

Colourhouse Masterbatch has also taken the decision to increase the stock levels of all of its raw materials for the foreseeable future.

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